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Tom Litcsher 05 harvest 309_small2JOHNSON HARVESTING INC is a family owned and operated custom harvest operation located in Evansville, MN. For 50 years we have followed the harvest throughout the Midwest and Great Plains. We are always searching for qualified employees who want to have the experience of a lifetime driving BIG late model equipment on the back roads of America.

IM000661_small1Our employees come from all over the world, each bringing their own special qualities to our operation. We try to put together a crew of employees who have a strong interest in agriculture, no prior commitments, and most of all they are doing this for the experience. If you are just looking for a job this isn’t the opportunity for you.

100_0206_small1Housing is provided for our employees. Bunkhouses provide their home away from home. Each trailer has central air conditioning, 6-8 bunks, adequate storage, full size bathroom and shower, washer and dryer, complete kitchen, and fully furnished living area.


Garden through Harrold 035_small1During our hiring process we look for individuals that share many of the same personalities and interest, giving us a crew with the ability to work together and one that develops long-term relationships with each other and us.

IM000058_small1Our employees are truly hands with all aspects of our operation. Because of this we have worked with numerous Ag Colleges on internships for our employees who are finishing their college degree’s.

Mike Raab 05 270_small1Because of the nature of our business, we like our employees to have Commercial Drivers License allowing them to operate our trucks. All employees will be required to drive a vehicle while we move to a new location.

MPj03096400000[1]_smallOur season starts the middle of May in Texas and can go as late as mid-late November harvesting fall crops in the Dakota’s and Minnesota.
Possible year around work available for individuals with welding/fabricating experience
or truck driving experience

Apply online pic 2If this sounds like an opportunity you may be interested in, please contact us for more information.

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