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All of us here at


feel strongly about operating the right

equipment for the job and to ensure it is properly

maintained and serviced to provide our

customers with a professional harvesting service

throughout the Great Plains covering (but not

limited to) Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado,

Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota,

Montana, Minnesota, and Canada.


Johnson Harvesting Inc. can provide it’s customers with any number of late model Case IH 8230 combines to best suit each farms needs.

combine lineup 2Our 8230’s are all equipped with:

  • Rear wheel assist
  • Yield and Moisture monitors
  • Full GPS Mapping
  • Field Trackers
  • Large metric tires
  • Hopper extensions
  • Duals available
  • Full GPS Autosteer
  • Chaff spreaders / choppers

We feel we have equipped our combines for maximum performance and quality. We are continually looking at new options and adjustments which we can add to our machines to help us do the best job possible.

Trucks & Trailers

One of the major obstacles you can face when operating a high capacity harvest operation is transportation of the commodity and equipment. Here at Johnson Harvesting Inc. we take transportation very seriously from a capacity stand point but we are also very strict on safety.

To accomplish this we operate a fleet of late model Kenworth semi’s.

DSC01275 copyAlong with our trucks we have a large assortment of trailers:

  • ’41 Wilson hopper bottoms
  • ’20 & ’21 pup trailers
  • ’53 Grain cart trailers
  • ’28 fifth wheel combine trailers
  • ’48 triple axle drop deck trailer
  • ’53 drop deck trailer

All of the trucks are inspected and

serviced daily by our crew of qualified operators.

Equipment Transports

Probably the most dangerous and crucial part of our job is moving day.

DSC01625 copy

We have taken extensive measures to ensure we can transport our equipment quickly and safely to a new harvest location on short notice.

Qualified operators and safety precautions such as proper equipment maintenance, beacons, flags, extra lights, employee training, and a strict protocol help ensure we arrive safely on time to our locations.

Headers & Attachments

We have many models of headers to handle all types of crops

Header Montage'

  • 45′ Draper’s for wheat and other summer crops
  • 45′ Flex Draper’s for soybeans, field peas, and edibles
  • Geringhoff Northstar Horizon chopping 12 row 30″ corn heads
  • Geringhoff Northstar non-chopping 12 row 30″ corn heads
  • Geringhoff Northstar Horizon chopping 12 row 22″ corn heads
  • Case IH headers with Swathmaster and Rakeup pickups for canola and other windrowed crops.
  • Sunmaster 12 row 30″ sunflower headers

If you don’t see the equipment needed to accommodate your farms needs please contact us, we are more than willing to look at purchasing additional equipment for the right job.

Service Trucks

We operate Kenworth and Ford service trucks which help guarantee our equipment stays in top running order and keeps downtime to a minimum.

52 copyService trucks are equipped with the following:

  • 700+ gallons of Diesel
  • All oils and lubricants required for our equipment
  • Welders and oxy/acetylene torches
  • Full set of tools both common and specialty
  • Industrial Air Compressors
  • Fresh water
  • Many basic parts including all belts and filters
  • Everything required for daily maintenance & repair

Service Trucks

Grain carts are a crucial part of running an efficient harvest operation.

JHI06-175 copy

We operate 8 Brent and Kinze1000 – 1300 bushel grain carts pulled by Case IH Quadtrac and front wheel assist tractors.

By utilizing four wheel drive tractors and floatation tires on the grain carts we are able to handle adverse conditions and keep soil compaction to a minimum while still maintaining transportability.

We are always updating and improving our current line of equipment to help maximize our productivity and to provide our customers with the latest and most advanced harvesting equipment possible while still keeping our cost at reasonable levels for our customers.